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Kim DiDonato is a contemporary artist based in Washington, DC. She grew up in New York, the Virgin Islands and Florida and studied economics and international relations at American University and the Johns Hopkins University. While in graduate school in Italy, she developed a passion for photography and her early influences include Robert Frank and Helen Levitt. Photography continues to inform her work and is often incorporated into her collages.

Later she studied painting and sculpture in London, Venice, New York and the Washington DC region. Her love of monochromatic palettes drew her to study abstract expressionists like Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline. Her abstract works often play with geometric compositions and textural patterns tracing back to her landscape photography. Kim credits her love of travel as the source of her continuous desire to experiment with new mediums and incorporate influences from a range of sources. Her work has been exhibited in numerous regional and national juried shows.

Reflecting the strange social isolation of the past two years, "Together but Alone" is a new body of work of mixed media paintings and sculptures. These works will be exhibited at Salt Gallery in Key West in December 2021.