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Kim DiDonato is a Washington DC based artist. Her studio practice encompasses abstract and figurative work in acrylic, oil and collage. Her abstract works are often inspired by the geometric shapes and textural patterns of landscape such as in her 2018 series Boulder Creek, which portrays the creek beds and foothills around Boulder, Colorado. Figurative work often incorporates figures in the act of self-gazing -15 Minutes of Fame, or Death by Narcissism - is the title of her largest canvas and has been exhibited in Venice, Italy and at the Art League in Alexandria.

Kim grew up in New York, the Virgin Islands and Florida and studied painting in London, Venice, New York and the DMV. Her work has been exhibited in numerous regional and national juried shows.


My work roams freely between abstraction and figuration. I paint in acrylic, oil and watercolor. I draw with charcoal, pencil, markers, ink and chalk. I collage and sculpt with clay and found objects I’m inspired by the shapes and textures of landscape. Studio sessions with models, and photography inform my figurative work.

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Visit me on Instagram @kimdidonatoart