​​​​​​​​​​​KIM DIDONATO    Contemporary Art

Artist Statement

The thrill of creating art never wavers. I love the process of imagining a shape, color, texture or narrative idea and then applying the paint to canvas or clay to an armature. Each stage of a work’s evolution brings me joy, and sharing the process or a finished work with an audience brings another kind of excitement. I’ve experimented with many mediums: painting in oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink and spray paint; sculpting in clay and wood; drawing and collage, screen print, photography and transfer – all are part of my practice.

I’ve learned to dive deep and work in series, and to take the best parts of each phase on with me to the next chapter. Inspiration come from all directions – from time spent in nature with flowers, rocks, trees and especially water; from time spent with models in studio life drawing sessions; from visits to museums and galleries; from poetry and always from music. I’ve been influenced by many well known and lesser known artists: the abstract expressionist paintings of Motherwell and Klein taught me composition; Giacometti’s elongated figures inspired my Together|Alone series; the luscious paintings of Cecily Brown provide a masterclass in great paint application; and the large-scale narrative paintings of Michael Armitage - which I saw in Venice a few years ago – inspired me to paint a 7’ narrative piece of my own in Venice in 2019. My art practice has been an exciting and rewarding journey that makes me grateful for my studio practice every day. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my work with my fellow art lovers.