​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kim DiDonato Art

My work is an ongoing conversation with the external world about color, composition, texture, line, and shape. I interpret these elements utilizing a variety of material approaches and techniques depending on the mood and narrative I want to convey. Working within the genres of abstraction and expressive figuration, inspiration comes from a wide range of sources – shapes and colors observed from nature; emotional responses to models during weekly studio life drawing sessions; or the joy of working in my studio. The thrill from this creative process - particularly when a work manages to convey the connection between my interior world and the external environment that provided the motivation – is the reason I am an artist.

In my current series, Erosion in Evidence, I start with a layered substrate of acrylic and collage on wood panel and allow the textural effects and the chance marks that emerge to guide my choice about whether to incorporate figurative elements. The surface of each isolated layer is embellished with decorative forms, paint, hand-colored paper shapes, and at times, a collage of expressive figure drawings from life. The subtractive process of scraping away to reveal buried patterns and colors informs subsequent additive decisions. The resulting translucency and complexity of depth and marks from this technique invites the viewer to look closer and become involved in the discovery of my visual language. 

Artist Statement